Agronaftokipos: A communal veggie garden that promotes traditional seeds conservation and sustainable methods of agriculture. Our aim is to offer food devoid of any chemicals and pecticide

 The vegetable garden is located in the municipality of Monemvasia, Asopos and welcomes volunteers and young farmers who use farming methods that do not harm the environment and our health. We host in our vegetable garden, not only tomatoes and peppers but also people wishing to share their knowledge. Our aim is to foster local and traditional varieties of seeds in supporting a seed bank integrated with the exchange network "The Peliti," in response to the commercialization of our food and environmental degradation.

 Ou team "Agronaftes" welcomes seminars and workshops related to permaculture and we offer the space and the facilities to organize such events. for more info pls contact agronaftes@yahoo.gr

 We also run a CSA program in Athens which serves consumers and farmers

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